2020/03/26 Pet regulations

Pet regulations
  1. As Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village is a pet friendly park.
  2. Pets are allowed to enter the park under condition of their host signing a pledge.
  3. Please download the pledge form here.
  4. So far no reptiles are included.
The pledge content
  1. Pets have been vaccinated against rabies, and they hang a neck badge for rabies injection or a registration certificate for rabies vaccine.
  2. Bring your pet's drinking water, meals and pick-up bags by yourself, clean and take away pet excrement, and maintain cleanliness in the park.
  3. Use leashes, pet cages, carts, etc. to take care of pets under all circumstances to ensure that they do not affect others.
  4. If the pet hurts others or damages property, I am willing to take full responsibility and have nothing to do with the park.
  5. If any facilities in the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village are damaged caused by the pet, I am willing to compensate at the price.
  6. Pets are not allowed in restaurants, amusement facilities and other places where pets are prohibited.
  7. Pet cage is necessary to carry in the gondola.
  8. If the regulations above cannot be followed, I am willing unconditionally to cooperate with the requirements of the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village to leave the park, with no refund or any compensation.