Station Services

What do the ropeway stations offer?
Sun Moon Lake Station, a landmark building next to Sun Moon Lake, provides a car park for the convenience of visitors. Its main building has four stories, featuring a round and elegant exterior and modern style. The first floor is a resting area for the public. The second floor is where the main services are offered, including the information desk, restaurant, souvenir shop, and ticket booth; it also connects to the car park. The platform for boarding and alighting is on the third floor, where the office is also located. Each floor is connected by stairs and ramp, and there are elevators to cater to visitors with mobility limitations.

Lakeside Trail near the Lake is a popular trail that connects Ita Thao and Shuiwatou (Water Frog Head); it is also a platform for visitors to stop and enjoy the view.

The other end of Sun Moon Lake Ropeway, Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village Station, closely connects to Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village's Observation Tower. The station is a double-story high-ceiling building, with the platform for boarding and alighting and the garage on the second floor. The first floor is a public area with a souvenir shop, catering for ropeway passengers to stop over before making a return trip.
Car Park Information
Car park capacity: Accommodates 28 buses and 381 cars
Car park operating hours: 09:00 - 18:00
Car park charges: Bus and car NTD 100 / motorcycle NTD 20
  1. The car park only caters to the current day's ropeway passengers, and is closed at other times.
  2. An additional NTD 500 is chargeable for overnight or overtime parking (after 12 o'clock midnight).
  3. The parking fee is collected for the maintenance of the car park. The car park is not responsible for any parts and accessories of the vehicle or any items inside the vehicle. Please do not leave any valuables in the car.
Food and Beverage
Crystal Restaurant, Boutique de Crystal: Located on the main floor of Sun Moon Lake Station (second floor). Exquisite lunch and afternoon tea are served in these open-concept restaurants, where visitors can have their meal while enjoying the view by the Lake. There is also a souvenir shop where visitors can shop comfortably.

Hakka Taiwan, Banludianzai (Half-way Shop): There are also gift shops on the first floor of Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village Station.