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纜車介紹 門票與開放時間 便利服務 交通 場站設施 周邊景點介紹

Sun Moon Lake Station lies to the south east of Sun Moon Lake, the north of Ita Thao community, and the west of Youth Activity Center. The station is 3.74 hectares in area and is under the local government of Sun Moon village, Yuchih township. The Ropeway incorporates water, land, and air and merges the two characteristic tourist attractions in Taiwan. It takes about 30 minutes to drive between F.A.C.V. and Sun Moon Lake; it is now shortened to 6.8 minutes by taking the Ropeway.

  • Sun Moon Lake station
    23∘51’07 . 69” North Latitude
    120∘56’05.15” East Longitude
  • FACV station
    23∘51’36 . 66” North Latitude
    120∘57’03 . 25” East Longitude
  • East Station: Youth Activity Center 150m, Butterfly Garden 50m, Great Mt. Shueishe
    Trail North Entrance 200m
  • South Station: Campground 50m, Ita Thao Street 300m, Ita Thao Pier 400m, Deer Stalker
    Market 450m
  • West Station: Sun Moon Lake 0m, Cihen Pagoda aerial view 3000m, Yacht Tour Pier 400m,
    Boat Row Pier 400m
  • North Station: Shueiwatou Trail 1500m, Dajhuhu Trail 3000m
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